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Our Mission

Faith Room is a family-run ministry that helps Catholics live out their faith in the day-to-day, find greater freedom in Christ, and wholeheartedly embrace their God-given calling.

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Here's the Problem.

We are entering unprecedented times. The Spiritual Battle is intensifying.

There are so many tensions in the world and in our communities. We are being bombarded from all sides, and navigating our loved ones through these times is becoming increasingly challenging. People are feeling burdened, and knowing how to respond is a struggle.

What makes the situation even more dire is that many of our ministry leaders have given so much of themselves and been stretched thin for far too long.  Many are on the verge of burnout. How can they help Catholics navigate these times when they are scraping the bottom?

If we can lean into our faith, find greater freedom in Christ, and embrace God's calling for our lives, we will have clarity of direction, be filled with purpose and be in the best position to know how to respond.

Here are the three overarching areas that Faith Room can help you.



We help you lean into your Faith.

No matter the struggle or trial you are facing, we help you lean into your faith so you can get through it.



We help you find freedom in Christ.

Gain greater freedom in the areas of your life that have held you back from fully loving and serving God and others.



We help you live your life on mission.

Save yourself a lot of headaches by getting clear on the mission God intends for you and your loved ones.

How we work.

Ensuring you receive the best Catholic formation and ministry support.

We share from our own lived experience.

We lean into the teachings of the Church and the Saints.

We partner with trustworthy Catholic ministries and people.

Think of Us as Part of Your Team

We can all use a helping hand.


We love Jesus and we love the Church. We embrace, proclaim and celebrate this gift and how it has revolutionized our lives.


We believe that God has given you gifts that are to be shared with the world. We are here to help you unpack and share it with others.


We will not stop helping Catholics live and proclaim the Good News of the Gospel until all people in need receive the love of God. 

Meet Faith Room's Founder

Photo of Jean-Paul de Fleuriot, Faith Rooms Founder

Jean-Paul de Fleuriot

Founder and Executive Director of Faith Room

Over the past twenty years, Jean-Paul has studied Philosophy at Dominican University College, served the church as a missionary in five countries, and co-founded NET Canada's Western Office in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Jean-Paul has travelled across Canada, Ghana, Ireland, the Philippines and the USA, sharing the Gospel Message with people of all ages, facilitating retreats, training leaders, praying with people and leading worship - all to help people find lasting freedom in Christ.  During his five years in Vancouver with NET Canada, Jean-Paul worked directly with Western Canadian bishops, priests, school boards, principals, teachers and parents - giving more than two thousand young people the opportunity to hear about Christ, respond to Him and live for Him. In 2021, Jean-Paul founded Faith Room, a family-run ministry that provides leadership formation and faith support so all Catholics worldwide can find greater freedom in Christ, have the confidence to follow the calling that Jesus has placed on their hearts and become saints by the grace of God.

We live a missionary life in the spirit of Madonna House

The heart of our work is rooted in this "Distillation of the Gospel" by the Foundress of Madonna House, Catherine Doherty. 

Arise – go! Sell all you possess.
Give it directly, personally to the poor.
Take up My cross (their cross) and follow Me,
going to the poor, being poor,
being one with them, one with Me.

Little – be always little! Be simple, poor, childlike.

Preach the Gospel with your life – without compromise!
Listen to the Spirit. He will lead you.

Do little things exceedingly well for love of Me.

Love…love…love, never counting the cost.

Go into the marketplace and stay with Me.
Pray, fast. Pray always, fast.

Be hidden. Be a light to your neighbour’s feet.
Go without fears into the depths of men’s hearts. I shall be with you.

Pray always. I will be your rest.

Read what Bishop Jensen has to say about Faith Room's founder, Jean-Paul.

“Jean-Paul de Fleuriot has served the Diocese of Prince George in several ways, presenting formation days to the staffs in our eight schools, speaking to the priests at the annual clergy convocation and by leading a parish mission.
He was very well-received by the teachers, clergy and parishioners. His ministry is an example of the co-responsibility lay Catholics are called to exercise in the Church’s mission.”
Bishop of Prince George Diocese

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