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Prayer and a Listening Ear for the Battle Weary

Prayer Support that helps you lean into your faith, fight the spiritual battle and find greater freedom in Christ.

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Are You in Need of Prayer Support?

Many of us who have been on the front lines know what it's like to feel empty and "scraping the bottom." God desires to give us His grace and blessings so we can be filled up and prepared for the battles that we face in life. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and burdened because you or your loved ones are under spiritual attack?

Do you need intercessory prayer warriors praying behind the scenes for your intentions?

Are you encountering a block in your spiritual life and need prayer support to get unstuck?

Are you struggling with your faith and need a boost of grace to remind you of who you are in the eyes of God?

Are you feeling battered and depleted

because you are constantly fighting on the front lines of the battle?

Do you need a safe and trustworthy listening ear to help you find greater freedom in Christ?

We can help.

At Faith Room, we have witnessed the power of prayer bring countless people clarity of purpose, healing and greater freedom in Christ.


There are 3 ways Faith Room can pray with you. Which one is right for you?

A safe place to bring your burdens to the Lord. 



Intercessory Prayer

You send us your prayer intentions, we pray for you and forward it to our team of intecessory prayer warriors. 



Freedom Work

An extended time of prayer where we guide you through the Five Keys to Spiritual Freedom.




Together, we will stand in faith and invite God to fill you with grace, bring peace and speak clarity into your situation.

*Freedom Work is best done in person if possible.

If you are unsure what type of prayer you need, we will help you figure that out.


Ready to Receive Prayer Support?

Prayer Support is at the Heart of Faith Room. Thats why we will always do our best to prioritize this in our ministry.



Fill Out the Form

Fill out the form with a brief summary of your request.



We Connect

We will connect you with the prayer team who will pray with and for you.



We Pray

Together, we will lean into the Lord and let Him do His work.

Receive Prayer So You Can Be Filled Up, Equipped and Free

Prayer Request Form

If you do not hear from us within a couple of days, please be patient with us because it is likely that we are attending to the most urgent prayer requests at the time of your submission.


If your prayer request is urgent, please mention it in the form below. We will respond as soon as possible. We also highly recommend that you reach out to your Parish Priest for help.


Blessings, and thanks for your understanding.

Thanks for submitting!

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