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Private Events that inspire your community and help grow your ministry.

Personalized virtual (or in-person) events you and your team will love.





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How can you experience the transformational power of the Gospel in your school or parish?

Inspire your community to grow in their Catholic faith and give them the tools to share it with others.

Ignite Faith: Bring the transforming truth of the Gospel message to your community in a way that engages them where they're at.

Develop Leaders: Give your community the tools to be servant leaders in their personal lives and work environments.

Build a Strong Foundation: Let God's vision for your community make a lasting impact on your community members and our world.

4 Ways

There are 4 types of Private Events that Faith Room can help you with.

Which one is right for you?

Formation Day
People taking notes at a faith formation day


School Formation day

A customizable, on-Site (or Virtual) Faith Formation Day for Principals and School Staff.

Perfect for: Principals who are looking to fill a Pro-D Day, inspire their staff in the Catholic faith and want a personal touch to the day. (Available for Parishes as well)

Parish Misson
People praying at a parish mission


Parish Mission

A dynamic Parish Mission filled with inspiring stories and great worship music to cultivate your parishioners Catholic Faith and equip them to live a life on Mission.

Perfect for: Parish Priests who would like to offer their parishoners an impactful message and a meaningful call to action.

Person at a workshop


MissionScript Workshop

A 1-2 Day interactive meeting to create an effective mission statement for your ministry, get your team moving toward a unified vision and create a language that will invite others to participate in your mission.

Perfect for: Any Ministry Leader who is struggling to articulate their ministry's mission, cast a vision that captivates and onboard others to help move it forward.

Ministry Sprint
person placing sticky notes on a board in a Ministry Sprint


Ministry Sprint

A Ministry Sprint is an interactive meeting where you get to solve big problems and test new ideas in just 3 - 5 days.

Perfect for: Any Ministry Leader who is tired of trying to solve problems with sporadic solutions, working exhaustingly around the clock to get these solutions up and running, only to find out a year later that the idea was doomed to fail!

Exactly what we as a staff needed to thrive as a team.

Today was exactly what we as a staff needed to thrive as a team.
This Faith Formation day, and the last one with you, have been valuable because you get to know the team and then make your plan to help move us forward.
Colleen R., School Principal
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How can you experience the transformational power of the Gospel in your Community?

Many faith-filled Catholics are swimming against the current of a world that is becoming more and more secular. Not having clear direction and the right guidance to navigate these currents leaves Catholics feeling isolated and resigned.

Through Faith Formation Days, Parish Missions and interactive workshops and prayer, Faith Room provides the support you need to thrive in the life and work that God has called you to live.

When you are part of a faith-filled community, and receive solid feedback and guidance you can trust, living God's plan for your life will be freeing, and deeply meaningful and you will find yourself jumping out of bed for a meaningful day ahead!


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