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How to invite the right people to the mission of your ministry or church.

A 1-day workshop in the Vancouver Archdiocese, Canada,

helping you craft and implement a God-inspired MissionScript for your ministry or church.




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Are you struggling to onboard the right people to join your mission?

Many Ministry Leaders struggle to get the right people to accept leadership roles in their ministry or church. When people can’t see how your ministry or church relates to their time, talent, and treasure, they tune out. If you can communicate your mission in a way people can understand, get excited about and want to participate in, God will do amazing things with your yes - and theirs.

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A Workshop that Works for You.

Get clear on the mission God has called you to lead and learn how to communicate it in a way that God desires the story to be told.


Register yourself and forward this website to anyone else you think would be interested.


The in-person workshop gives you and your team a clear path forward that gets you unstuck and empowered.


When people see how your God-inspired mission relates to them, you give them the opportunity to respond.

Inviting the right people God has for your ministry or church can be difficult.

At Faith Room, we feel your frustration and know you desire to get the right people to step up in leadership for your ministry or church while not having to coerce them into doing something they aren’t called by God to do. Your team can be excited to serve and give of their time, talent, and treasure so that your God-inspired mission is accomplished and, with God's help, you grow your ministry or church.

Your Registration Includes:

9AM-4PM Full Day Experience


Presentation Slides

Resource List

This MissionScript Workshop is the answer you are looking for.

We will work with you to articulate your mission and help you communicate it to others so you can recruit the right people and align your team.

Learn the Framework

This time tested 7-part framework will bring clarity and unity for your Ministry or Church.

Clarify Your Mission and Messaging

Gain the tools you need to live your mission and communicate it with others.

Implement a MissionScript that works

Have a plan that is easy to remember and engaging for people to get involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a MissionScript?
    A MissionScript is a term used to describe a strategic document that outlines the core elements of your ministry's story and messaging. It serves as a guide and empathy map for communicating with the people God has asked you to lead and serve. It also helps you create clear, consistent and compelling communication across various channels and touchpoints.
  • What is the purpose of a MissionScript?
    The purpose of a MissionScript is to define your Ministry or Church's mission, values, target audience, and the unique ways in which your ministry serves God and the Church.
  • Who is a MissionScript for?
    A MissionScript is for any Ministry Leader who is struggling to articulate their ministry's mission, cast a vision that captivates and onboard others to help move it forward: such as Parish Leadership Teams, Parish Councils, and any other ministry team or department such as prep, youth ministry, music, faith formation and hospitality teams, etc. Even Catholic School Principals and teachers can use a MissionScript.
  • What can a MissionScript be used for?
    A MissionScript can be used for fundraising, recruiting, homilies, website landing pages, brochures, event posters, parish bulletins, pulpit announcements, as well as leading people in a way that gets them inspired to get involved and moving in the right direction.
  • How can a MissionScript help me and my team?
    There is a saying, if you confuse, you lose. In a world with so many things vying for our attention, those without a defined mission and clear message will most likely fail, or at least face a serious uphill battle in moving their God-inspired mission forward. But if your ministry or church has a defined mission and you know how to communicate it clearly, you have a huge advantage.
  • Can non-ministry leaders attend this workshop?
    Absolutely! This workshop is applicable to anyone and everyone who needs clarity on the mission that God has called them to live. Whether you are a married couple needing clarity on defining your family mission, a student at university that needs help finding motivation to accomplish your degree, or anyone and everyone needing help to take meaningful action with a God-inspired direction, this workshop is for you.

The Schedule

A God-inspired MissionScript helps you attract the right people God has for your ministry or church and inspires them to get involved.

09:00 - Entering The Day

09:45 - Session 1: Create your God-inspired MissionScript

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Session 2: Learn how to communicate your MissionScript with others

12:30 - Lunch (bring your own)

15:00 - Session 3:  Implement your MissionScript for growth

15:30 - Q&A and Closing

16:00 - End

What's Your Investment?

For a limited time, we are offering HUGE savings because we understand people's tight budgets, and we want to help you.

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Registration for a Team of Four



Registration for a Team of Eight

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Imagine the Blessing of Growing Your Ministry or Church with the Right People God has for You.

When people see how your God-inspired mission relates to them, you attract the right people God is calling to help you grow your ministry or church. Take the first step towards clarity when you register now.

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