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Future Plans and God-inspired Dreams to Get Excited About!

God has great plans for your future and Faith Room wants to help you get there!




Future Plans

Future plans to get exctited about...

Option 3


Attend a live retreat or workshop.

Attend a number of different live retreats and workshops designed to help you live God's plan for your life and equip you with the tools to share your faith with others.

When you attend a Faith Room Retreat or Workshop, you will gain greater clarity in your life and for the mission that God has planned for you.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to live God's plan for their life and gain the tools to effectively share their faith with others, such as a Parish Priest, Youth Minister, Parish Volunteer, School Principal, Teacher, Single Person or Married Couple.

Option 4
person meeting with a counselor


Meet with a Coach or Counsellor.

Whether it is for yourself or your entire team, having an experienced coach or counsellor to help you navigate life's twists and turns can be the difference between success and failure (In-Person and Virtual options available)

Perfect for: Anyone who needs by-the-hour coaching or counselling in any of these key areas: Relationships, Communication, Leadership, Self Awareness, Inner Healing and Discipleship.

Option 5
Young adults sitting in a circle together


Join Faith Room's Community.

With the vision of becoming the most joyful and faith-filled Catholic Community in the world, Faith Room is on a mission to unite on-fire Catholics who deeply desire to be holy, find lasting friendships in Christ and share their God-given gifts with others.

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to dive deeper into their faith, find lasting friendships that are rooted in Christ and get ongoing encouragement from an amazing community of faith-filled Catholics.

God Sized Dreams
group of people


Strategic Planning for Leadership Teams

As ministries and organizations grow, every staff member needs to know where their leaders are taking them and how they will get there. Strategic Planning Sessions align the Leadership team on a concrete vision so they can communicate the direction and responsibilities to their Staff.

Bringing clarity to your staff with a compelling vision and step-by-step action plan will create unity, accountability and a shared sense of purpose for everyone involved.

Perfect for: Any ministry leadership team such as Parish Councils, School Leadership teams and any other leadership team that oversees a group of people

God-inspired Dreams that you can help make a reality!

Some give by going, others go by giving.

Option 5
Poustinia in the woods

God-Inspired Dream

Cabins / Poustinias

Many of our priests, religious brothers and sisters, and lay missionaries have given everything to serve God. They continuously pour their lives out to help us on our faith journey and end up giving from a place of "scraping the bottom." In doing so, many of them encounter severe burnout at some point.


Wouldn't it be great if we could provide them with a simple and beautiful space in the country, or by a lake nearby, where they can get the rest and recuperation they need so they can continue to give from a place of full and overflowing?

Perfect for: Our tired and weary priests, religious brothers and sisters, lay missionaries and ministry leaders.


God-Inspired Dream

Purchasing the domain:

There's a reason why costs $3,896.99 to purchase.


Purchasing this domain will make Faith Room highly accessible to many more Catholics worldwide. Enabling our Faith Room community to grow beyond Canadian borders will fulfill our ultimate vision of helping Catholics to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to all people in need of receiving the love of God.

Perfect for: Anyone who feels called to help Faith Room's ministry grow internationally.

brown and black floral textile_edited.jpg

How can you experience the transformational  power of the Gospel in your Community?

Many faith-filled Catholics are swimming against the current of a world that is becoming more and more secular. Not having clear direction and the right guidance to navigate these currents leaves Catholics feeling isolated and resigned.

Through Faith Formation Days, Parish Missions and interactive workshops and prayer, Faith Room provides the support you need to thrive in the life and work God has called you to live.

When you are part of a faith-filled community and receive solid feedback and guidance you can trust, living God's plan for your life will be freeing and deeply meaningful and you will find yourself jumping out of bed excited for the day ahead!

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