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An On-Site (or Virtual) Parish Mission You and Your Parishoners will Love.

Cultivate Your Parishoners Catholic Faith and Equip Them to Live a Life on Mission




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Give Your Parishioners a Parish Mission that draws them deeper into their faith.

You don't need to wait for Advent or Lent to have a Parish Mission for your community. Faith Room will work with you to facilitate a parish mission that helps your parishioners lean into their faith, find greater freedom in Christ, and live on mission through enriching stories of "faith in action" and an approach to preaching that will deeply resonate with their hearts.

We Work With You to Create Your Meaningful Parish Mission.

There are three steps...


Book a time to discuss the unique needs of your Parish as well as the vision you have for your Parish Mission.


Faith Room will help you create a Parish Mission schedule, and craft sessions that meet your needs.


Watch your parishoners re-engage in their Catholic faith with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

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What You Get

An experienced lay missionary who has worked with priests and bishops worldwide and understands the struggles of marriage and parenting.

A seasoned worship leader who has led worship for small and large Catholic gatherings worldwide.

A team player who will work with you to create your meaningful Parish Mission.

Sample Schedule

Give your parishoners a Parish Mission they remember.



Setting the Stage

Mass, Talk Session #1 and Prayer.



Getting to the Heart

Mass, Optional Parish Potluck, Talk Session #2 and Adoration with Confessions.



Sending out on Mission

Mass, Talk Session #3, Q&A and Closing Prayer.

*Optional: Faith Room can lead the music for Mass, Adoration and Prayer times.

Meet Your Parish Mission Facilitator

Photo of Jean-Paul de Fleuriot, Faith Rooms Founder

Jean-Paul de Fleuriot

Founder and Executive Director of Faith Room

Over the past twenty years, Jean-Paul has spent five years as a seminarian with the Companions of the Cross, served the church as a missionary in five countries and co-founded NET Canada's Western Office in Vancouver, British Columbia.


Jean-Paul has travelled across Canada, Ghana, Ireland, the Philippines and the USA, sharing the Gospel Message with people of all ages, facilitating retreats, training leaders, praying with people and leading worship - all to help people find lasting freedom in Christ.  During his five years in Vancouver with NET Canada, Jean-Paul worked directly with Western Canadian bishops, priests, school boards, principals, teachers and parents - giving more than two thousand young people the opportunity to hear about Christ, respond to Him and live for Him. In 2021, and shortly before leaving His work with NET Canada, Jean-Paul founded Faith Room, a family-run ministry that provides leadership formation and faith support so all Catholics worldwide can find greater feedom in Christ, have the confidence to follow the calling that Jesus has placed on their hearts and become saints by the grace of God.

What's Your Investment?

We understand that parishes have tight budgets, and so we want to help you as best as we can. Thats why we are offering two different package options at unbeatable value.

Essentials Package

By Donation

  • 1 Parish Mission containing 3 sessions over the course of 3 days (Up to 3hrs / session)


  • An experienced lay missionary who has worked with bishops and priests worldwide and also understands what it's like to sit in the pew as a husband and father. 


  • A team player who will work with you to create your meaningful Parish Mission. 


  • Up to three meetings to cast a vision, discuss possible schedule ideas and run through logistics. 

  • Choose sessions from the list of our best-received pre-written talk themes. 

  • Option for Faith Room to bring a good quality portable sound/music system with microphones and projector (Only available for parishes within a driveable distance from Abbotsford, B.C). 

  • Discovery Call


* The parish will cover the cost of transportation, and room and board for Jean-Paul (and his family if needed). At the Parish Mission, Jean-Paul will invite people to donate via collection basket or e-transfer.

Comprehensive Package

By Donation

  • Everything in the Essentials Package.

  • As many planning meetings as you need to cast a vision, build a personalized schedule, and run through logistics. 


  • Faith Room will facilitate the schedule creation with your input and final approval.

  • Personalized session talk option available.

  • A seasoned worship leader (Jean-Paul and his wife, Mary-Rie) to lead music for Adoration and session-gathering songs.

  • Flexible Involvement for you as the Pastor (outside of Sacraments). You can MC the Parish Mission if you'd like or just participate.

  • Faith Room will create all necessary marketing material for your Parish Mission: parish bulletin announcements and inserts, pulpit announcement scripts, posters, and projector advertisement slides.


* The parish will also cover the cost of transportation and room and board for Jean-Paul (and his family if needed). At the Parish Mission, Jean-Paul will invite people to donate via collection basket or e-transfer.

Read what Bishop Jensen has to say about Faith Room's founder, Jean-Paul.

“Jean-Paul de Fleuriot has served the Diocese of Prince George in several ways, presenting formation days to the staffs in our eight schools, speaking to the priests at the annual clergy convocation and by leading a parish mission.
He was very well-received by the teachers, clergy and parishioners. His ministry is an example of the co-responsibility lay Catholics are called to exercise in the Church’s mission.”
Bishop of Prince George Diocese

How can you experience the transformational  power of the Gospel in your Community?

Many faith-filled Catholics are swimming against the current of a world that is becoming more and more secular. Not having clear direction and the right guidance to navigate these currents leaves Catholics feeling isolated and resigned.

Through Faith Formation Days, Parish Missions, interactive workshops and prayer, Faith Room provides the support your parishoners need to thrive in the life and work that God has called them to live.

When they are part of a faith-filled community and receive solid feedback and guidance they can trust, living God's plan for their life will be freeing and deeply meaningful, and they will find themselves jumping out of bed ready for a meaningful day ahead!

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Ten Best Received Faith Room Talk Themes From Previous Retreats, Formation Days and Parish Missions.

You can use this guide as a great starting point for your next Parish Mission with Faith Room.

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