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A Virtual (or On-Site) Faith Formation Event You and Your Staff will Love.

Cultivate Teachers Catholic Faith and Equip Them For the Classroom





Cultivating Faith in Your School Doesn't Need to be Complicated

But There's a Problem...

Developing your staff is time-consuming.
What you've tried so far isn't working.
You're leaving growth up to chance.
You lack the support you need for your staff to thrive.
Formation Days take a lot of effort to plan.
There's information overload.

You don't know where to begin.

You have to pull teeth to engage your staff in their Catholic Faith.

Faith Room will facilitate the formation day you need to form your staff in their faith and equip them with the skills needed to thrive in life and the classroom.

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Give your staff a Formation Day they're excited to attend.

Formation Days can have these components.



Main sessions

Talks and activities to inspire your staff in their faith and unify them as a team.



Breakout Groups

A chance for your staff to connect with eachother and reflect on the main sessions.



Prayer Time

A time to get filled up by the Holy Spirit so they can give from a place of overflowing.

*Optional: Depending on the schedule, Faith Room can possibly lead the music for Mass, Adoration and Prayer times.


We Work With You to Create Your Perfect Staff Formation Day.

There are three steps...


Book a time to discuss your schools unique needs as well as the vision you have for your Formation Day.


In consultation with you, Faith Room will create a Formation Day schedule, and craft sessions that meet your needs.


Watch your staff re-engage in their Catholic faith with a smile on their faces and joy in their hearts.

See What Teachers Have to Say about Faith Room's Formation Days

Exactly what we as a staff needed to thrive as a team.

Today was exactly what we as a staff needed to thrive as a team.
This Faith Formation day, and the last one with you, have been valuable because you get to know the team and then make your plan to help move us forward.
Colleen R., School Principal
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There are many awesome online theology courses and spiritual formation streaming services available nowadays to help Catholic communities understand and grow in their faith.


But there is a missing piece. These courses and streaming platforms are not set up to speak to the specific problems your community is facing.


The problem is that finding a personalized solution can feel overwhelming because principals already have so much on their plate and they don't have the time to take on this extra responsibility.

So what do you actually need in order to have a faith formation day that meets your staff's specific needs and doesn't overwhelm you at the same time? Faith Room is all about working with principals to meet the needs of their staff. We will always seek to listen first, then create the vision of the day in collaboration with the principal. Not only will your staff be engaged throughout the day and leave inspired to grow in their faith, but you will come away feeling refreshed and ready to give from a place of full and overflowing.

How can you experience the transformational power of the Gospel in your school?

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