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The Leadership Formation and Faith Support You've Been Looking For.

Imagine a world where you aren't navigating life on your own, where you have the support you need to find greater freedom in Christ, live the life of holiness you hunger for, and the encouragement to get your missionary heart pumping.

Do you love the Lord and want to serve Him wholeheartedly but are feeling stuck not knowing what steps to take?

Do you need help getting your new ministry up and running or setting it up to grow the way God intends?

Are you and your loved ones struggling in the spiritual battle and need help finding freedom in Christ?

Are you having trouble communicating your ministry or event to others in a way that gets them excited to get involved?

Are you tired of carrying that heavy burden or dealing with those unpleasant feelings you cannot seem to overcome?

Do you lead others and need help forming them in their Catholic Faith?

You don't have to fake it until you make it. Faith Room will give you the support you need to embrace the mission and vocation God has called you to and give you the tools you need to know you're doing it God's way.

A Faithful Companion for Your Missionary Heart

Through retreats, workshops, personalized feedback and intentional prayer support, Faith Room helps you find freedom in Christ and navigate the life and work God has called you to live.

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How can you experience the transformational power of the Gospel in your life?

Be inspired to live your Catholic faith to the full and get the tools you need to lead others well.

Follow Jesus: No matter the struggle or trial you face, we help you lean into your faith to get through it.

Find Freedom : Gain greater freedom in the areas of your life that have held you back from fully loving and serving God and others.

Live with Purpose: Let God's vision for your life and community impact our world for the better. 

Faith Room helps you and your loved ones live the life that God has called you to.

All from a Catholic perspective. With Sensitivity.

Ministry Leaders
Faith Formation Coordinators
Parish and Pastoral Councils
Catechism and Prep Teams
Leadership Teams
Knights of Columbus
Catholic Womans League

Music Ministry Teams

Department Heads

Principals and Teachers

Educational Assistants
Business Owners
Working Professionals

Married Couples

Young Adults
+ Many Others
3 Ways

There are 3 ways Faith Room can help you.

Which one is right for you?

Prayer Request
People praying together


Receive Prayer or a Listening Ear

Whether you need intercessory prayer warriors praying behind the scenes for your intentions, personal deliverance prayer because you are under spiritual attack, physical or inner healing, or just need a safe and trustworthy listening ear to help you through a faith crisis, we are here to accompany you through it all!

Perfect for: Anyone who needs prayer or a listening ear.

People fist pumping


Get Feedback and Guidance

Are you encountering a block in your spiritual life or feeling stuck about moving God's plan for your life forward? Maybe you need feedback or advice for your struggling ministry, or you could use a second opinion on a faith-based event you are planning. Whatever the case, we are here to help. 

Perfect for: Anyone who wants to serve God but is feeling stuck in any way and needs an experienced second opinion.

Book Event
People sitting at a table taking notes at a workshop


Book an Event for Your Team or Community.

Book a customizable event, such as a team Faith-formation Day, Parish Mission, or a Ministry Sprint that addresses the specific needs of your team or community.

When you invite Faith Room to work hands-on with your team or community (in person or virtually) through talks, retreats, courses and workshops, they will get formed in their faith and equipped with the tools to thrive in life and ministry.

Perfect for: Any ministry leader, such as a Parish Priest or School Principal, who wants their entire team or community to grow together and get aligned around our Catholic faith.

Read what Matt Fradd has to say about Faith Room's founder, Jean-Paul.

A picture of Matt Fradd who is a Cahtolic Author, Speaker and Podcaster
"Jean-Paul and I did missionary work together while serving on a NET Team, in Ireland, back in 2004. He is one of the most humble and genuine people I've ever met. Jean-Paul continues to serve the Church by mentoring and forming joy-filled missionary disciples. So glad Jean-Paul exists and that he's on our side."
Author, Speaker, Podcaster
picture sculptures on the inside of a church

How can you experience the transformational  power of the Gospel in your Community?

Many faith-filled Catholics are swimming against the current of a world that is becoming more and more secular. Not having clear direction and the right guidance to navigate these currents leaves Catholics feeling isolated and resigned.

Through Catholic retreats and workshops, faith formation days, parish missions, personalized feedback and intentional prayer support, Faith Room provides the help you need to thrive in the life and work God has called you to.

When you are part of a faith-filled community and receive solid feedback and guidance you can trust, living God's plan for your life will be freeing and deeply meaningful, and you will find yourself jumping out of bed, ready for a meaningful day ahead!

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It's Time to Decide and Make a Plan

Ministry support you can trust.


Decide what type of event would be most helpful to you and your team, and book your event.


Faith Room events take place over the course of one to two days. We find a day/s that works and block off those calendars!


Together, we cast a vision for your event and fine-tune the details so that your event can be a wild success.

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Ten Books Every Catholic Ministry Leader Should Read

+ Other Bonus Resources to Inspire You in Your Faith...

Ten Books, Six Podcasts, Five Websites, Three Youth Ministry Programs and One Incredible TV Show!

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